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Helpful Hints and Tips

Using the helpful hints and tips for your next move will save you money. With over 15 years of moving experience the advice comes from experience.


An important part of a successful move is careful and appropriate packing. Proper wrapping, padding, and boxing procedures are vital to protect your belongings throughout the move. We offer a full range of packing and unpacking services. To accommodate our Customers' needs, trained professional packers are able to assist with as much or as little of the packing and unpacking process as necessary.

Many people pack themselves, which can be a great way to economize your move. To help you pack as safely and efficiently as possible, we have assembled a few tips to make your packing easier.

dish pack


Sometimes in an effort to save money, people attempt to recycle produce boxes and supplies around the house. Beware: produce boxes often become weakened from the moisture of transportation or product spoilage. Additionally, they sometimes house insects that can infect your new dwelling.

Another common moving error is using duct tape rather than packing tape. Duct tape does not adhere well to corrugated cardboard. The contents of duct-taped boxes may fall through the bottom for this reason.

Hiring a Mover

Selecting a moving company is a huge decision. This is not a time to be shy. Make sure you fully understand the services the mover is offering, and the rate at which those services will be provided. Because there are state and, in many cases, local regulations, it is also wise to check with your state's moving and storage association to learn the regulations that apply to movers in your area.

To help you fairly compare the services and benefits of the moving companies you are considering, we have prepared a list of questions to ask each of the moving companies that you are considering.